Visible Signs to Make You Stop Smoking

Published: 29th September 2009
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There are a few things someone notices when meeting a smoker. The outstretched hand can be covered in a layer of yellow stains at the finger tips. On closer contact vertical lines can be seen around the lips. These can be caused by years of sucking on a ciggie held tightly between the lips. The complexion of the face is usually always pale with no sign of rosy red cheeks. Ashen grey is usually an accurate description. Eyes can be sunken in depending on what stage the smoker is at on her journey. It beats me why some people spend a whole lot of money on makeup, only to have all the benefits cancelled by the habit, or addiction, of smoking.

That's the visual first impression. Even closer there are the smells associated with smoking. The bad breath, the smell from clothes, the stink of the inside of the car, the odour from the hair and if those ash trays have not been emptied look out, things are going to get bad around here in the bad smell stakes. Getting even closer (if you must!) just look at those tar stains on the teeth! No those did not come from a curry you had last night those are real tar deposits on your teeth which just did not quite make it down into the lungs to be deposited there. Sorry just don't accept the excuse that they are stained fillings or your dentist did not clean your teeth properly. That my friend is caused by your smoking.

If you even have to get 'real close' to someone who smokes, those swollen gums which are all dark red and round at the edges and those cheeks which are a deep purple colour yep, smoking again is a contributory factor to the unhealthy state of things. What's that white patch doing there? It doesn't look much like the other parts of the mouth. How long has it been there? Oh it's not sore and you haven't been to the doctor yet. Why not? He will think you are bothering him unnecessarily, I hear you say. He might be of a different opinion.

Of course, we did not mention the cough, the wheezing, the episodes of chronic bronchitis which occur every winter. Far be it from us to even suggest the heart attack is linked to your addiction of smoking. Blocking up of the arteries? Why do you argue it is inherited or some other lame excuse. It is not. Smoking is a huge contributory cause of blocked arteries.

We have saved the frightening until last. Six legs a year are amputated in Birmingham, England, every year as a result of smoking. Wheelchairs are not good if they can be avoided. Yes there are visible signs for smoking. Not all of them are just at the finger tips or a faint or strong smell. The real answer is to Quit Smoking. Fresh air might not be a perfect substitute for the smoker initially. But it's free and after a while the smell of smokers' second hand expelled waste becomes intolerable. Try it and see.

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